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USF Game Jam 2017
1. Wait until game is loaded in browser
2. Click the game
3. Select with the mouse
4. Click the diamond shaped polygon and drag mouse to move
5. The bar on the left is your move energy
6. Release your mouse or swipe over a red polygon to recharge energy
7. Dodge the black circles
8. Don't release your mouse on top of a white square

Build a fun game within a time limit!

I created Wizard102 during the USF Game Dev Club 2017 game jam. It is designed to be a mobile game, where players swipe their finger to move as well as destroy enemies.

Because I only had 6 hours to complete the game, I decided to make each level procudurally generated, with a random number of white squares and enemies spawning in random locations. The game also increases its difficulty, spawning more enemies after each wave. Originally the game had horrible, medieval-themed pixel art, a ninja that mercilessly smote wizards. After the jam, I swithced this art with simple polygons. I did not have time to add sound.

Why is called Wizard102 you may ask?


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